Why Internet Marketing and Direct Mail?

Best Strategy For Today's Market

Dear Entrepreneurs and Corporate Executves:

Need powerful, persuasive advertising copy to help sell your product or services?

Many businesses need the correct mixture of internet marketing and direct mail to mazimize their marketing efforts to make the most money possible.

No doubt about it, there's significant sales dollars tied up in traditional direct mail advertising and internet marketing. There is a split in the market and you cannot afford to ignore either segment.

Don't give up your internet marketing efforts too soon. A good email marketing program is not only cheap, it is a sure way to reap profits from current and potential customers. It can be started immediately with current customers.

Revamping your website using search engine optimized copywriting with well researched keywords and great content will get you noticed by the search engines. Although this is a longer term project, it can reap good results if you add great content and localize some of your pages if you are a local business. See my 21 Point Search Engine Optimization Checklist for a starting point.

Using Pay Per Click (PPC) ads with splash pages for different products, services, and types of prospects can make you money fast and you can limit your costs by proper testing.

Print advertising is not dead. Many prospects like to have print copy to look at when they are making a buying decision. That's why direct mail including direct mail packages and sales letters still make money.

Put my years of copywriting and sales experience to work. What I will do for you as your advertising copywriter:

  • Identify and effectively position your services and products for maximum market penetration.
  • Provide a marketing message that builds rapport with your customer.
  • Deliver advertising copywriting that targets the hot benefits the customer cares about and will pay to have.
  • Always answer "What's in it for me?" for the prospect.

No doubt about it, "What's in it for me?" is the single biggest question you must answer to get the sale.

How do you win the marketing battle? When you find someone who will take your message to heart and convert it to hypnotic inducing sales copy.

My process for delivering powerful sales and advertising copy for your company:

  • Interview you to get an iron clad understanding of who your customers are, your market, and current market conditions.
  • Obtain all pertinent information about you and your company.
  • Review all past advertising, marketing, and sales copy. Find out what worked best.
  • Review all past advertising, marketing, and sales copy from your main competitors.
  • Analyze current market conditions to create a compelling sales message for today's market.
  • Determine the most effective copy type to deliver your message whether it be a sales letter, ad, web content, or other.
  • Write copy that sales or advances the sale of your products including "can't resist" benefits and a powerful close.
  • Work closely with you to fine tune the copy before it is published or mailed.
  • Follow up by receiving your feedback and suggest additional marketing or advertising copy to grow your sales further.

Advertising and marketing is the lifeblood of your company and I take it seriously. That's why I will work closely with you to craft a compelling sales message that brings results. If your business grows, mine will grow too. It's all about future business.

Seize the moment, act now! Hire a direct mail internet marketing copywriter who creates "salesmanship in print."

John B. Bedunah

Shoot me an email or call me today and we can discuss how we can energize your sales message whether you be in internet marketing or direct mail.

P.S. Need content writing like manuals or user guides? See my Content Writing page.

P.S. How's your internet marketing going? Have a web page that needs revamping using search engine copy? Need marketing emails for your auto-responder? This is an area that is under utilized and often executed poorly due to a poor understanding of how web marketing and search engine optimizaton works. Most websites can be revamped for better results. In addition, many email programs are ineffective due to poor email copy and sending too few or too many at improperly spaced intervals.

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