Content Writing Process

We all know the problem.

The user guide is hard for the user to use. It is poorly organized and confusing.

The "how-to" instructions are so unclear that the customer has to figure it out on on their own all the while wondering, "Did they really pay some guy to write these instructions?"

The training manual has important information missing or that is out of date.

Qualitity content writing should follow a well thought out set of processes that leads to clear communication and a document where information is accurate, relevant, and easy to find for the user whether in-house or a customer.

What if the customer has to call your company for support?

Any user guide, manual, or how-to instruction sheet can cost you valuable profits if your support staff are swamped by customers' phone calls.

Here's the Write for Market process for content writing:

  1. Organize all material relevant to project. Determine best way to organize document.
  2. Prioritize material checking for relevancy.
  3. Interview SMEs, subject matter experts, for technical areas.
  4. Update older information to reflect current facts and specs.
  5. Establish purpose of content and identify experience level of audience/users and write to their level.
  6. Analyze all content to determine what needs to be simplified for the audience.
  7. Collect specific details and clear cut examples that will help the user understand the product or service.
  8. After initial draft is finished, let SMEs check document for technical accuracy and add any comments.
  9. Check to make sure steps are in logical order and easy to follow. No important step is left out.
  10. Make sure document is usable as a reference and each section is easy to find and use.
  11. Use clear, informative headings and subheadings to clue the reader about sections they need.
  12. Perform knowledge inventory to discover important features, facts, skills, vocabulary,and concepts the user needs to use the product effectively.

Whether your content writing needs are simple or complex, Write for Market strives to make sure your customer has the information they need and can use it as simply as possible. This assures that your customer walks away with a good experience and wants to buy from you again. The customer feels that your company is highly professional and knows what it is doing. It's money in the pocket!


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