Invisible Salesman

Helping You Make the Sale

The main problem any business faces is making the sale. You can look at it is a problem or as an opportunity. If a business handles it correctly, there will be plenty of opportunities in direct mail and internet marketing.

A powerful way to seize more opportunities is to see your freelance advertising copywriter as your invisible salesman. That's why business writing should be "writing to sell."

How to Leverage Your Invisible Salesman

Simply stated, your invisible salesman needs your expertise to turn your advertising copy into writing that sells. Simply stated the writer's job is to advance the sale.

"Writing to sell" means that your writer understands who the audience is and the purpose of the copy. The invisible salesman stresses benefits, anticipates and answers objections, and crafts a strong "call to action" (close).

The invisible salesman or sales copywriter is a combination freelance copwriter and salesman. Whether he creates a sales letter, direct mail package, or splash page, he understands his job -- "salesmanship in print." The invisible salesman knows how to sell because he sold professionally.

Working together to create a powerful sales message in your ads, sales letters, direct mail packages, and web pages is the best way to leverage your freelance sales copywriter, your invisible salesman.

When to Use Your Invisible Salesman

Opportunities to leverage your invisible salesman:

  • your business adds a new service
  • your business adds a new product
  • market conditions change
  • the economy changes
  • your customer is likely to buy again
  • counter an attack by your competition
  • you need quality leads
  • you do not have current copies of: brochures, sales sheets, sales letters, press kit, web pages, email.
  • you are moving into a new advertising medium like email marketing, direct mail, or internet marketing..

New opportunities come with any change in your business or market. Yet many businesses fail to act or act too slowly. The effect is a loss of sales.

Former Salesman Turned Freelance Advertising Copywriter

Using your industry expertise and my sales experience and expertise in crafting "writing to sell" copy, we can seize the opportunities for sales in your market. Put the invisible salesman to work for you today.

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